A Different Kind of Commute

I was up tonight watching CBC‘s ZeD TV (great programming BTW, I should watch it more often. I mean, up until recently, I’ve for the most part been uninterested in the CBC’s programming (except, of course, for the hilarious antics of the Air Farce), but now that I’m watching it more often (and listening to their many appealing radio stations), I’ve come to realize that the CBC is really not that bad. In fact, I would actually say that they’re quite good, as many other CBC viewers and listeners would agree, and I encourage anyone who does not already tune in to give it a listen (here too).)

So, as I was saying, I was watching ZeD, and I saw this cool segment where they showed a creative solution to boring TTC commutes: subway parties. A group of people get together early in the morning or late at night (or any time during at all, really) and turn a predetermined subway car into a self-contained party on rails. This by far is the greatest idea ever conceived. Bringing complete strangers together through fun and enjoyment. Plus, it makes for one hell of an Artist’s Statement.

This all started as an idea of Kevin Bracken and Lori Kufner, who together and created newmindspace. Since Easter 2005, they have hosted many cool events, including giant egg hunts, subway parties, and massive games of urban capture the flag.

If you live in Toronto or New York and are looking to add a bit of change to your routine (commuting or otherwise), this is something you should definitely want to check out. Or, if you live somewhere else, start your own subway party with their Subway Party Guide.


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