Dream Record 2

I was in a classroom; my classmates included Miaka, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, and possibly others. It felt more like an elementary school class, possibly because our teacher was Stephanie Cundari, who was my second and third grade teacher at Parkland Public School. We were looking at what appeared to be a student-compiled newspaper, which featured stories from Digg.com. It was a bit different from a conventional newspaper, although it looked quite the same physically. One special difference was that I was that I was able to scroll through the content of a panel by merely running my finger over the panel in the direction I wanted to scroll in, sort of like an <iframe> on a tablet. There was one main story though, that wasn’t in the newspaper but was on the front page of Digg about [Something…Digg…buying someone or something else.] It would’ve been posted in the deals section. Either way, it was a pretty big story. I went to look it up on a laptop…things start to get blurry… but that’s not the end of the dream yet. It seems Ms. Cundari wanted to make sandwiches for the class: she brought rye bread, corned beef, citen x (possibly some sort of cheese), and smoked salmon. She started making and distributing them, going down the class list. I did not want any because (a) I’m a vegetarian and I don’t eat meat, (b) I’m currently going through my vegan phase so nothing she brought would really be adequate for me, and (c) I wasn’t really that hungry anyways. So, I went off the the side of the room while she called names for sandwiches [while i subconsciously hoped to wake up before she called me or not be called at all.]

The reason Kevin and Alex were in my dream is probably because I was spending a whole lotta time on Digg last night, and, as the hosts of Diggnation, it is only natural that they appeared in my dream (BTW, I have a tendency to subconsciously associate things I spend lots of time with (for instance, video games, programming, or in this case, Digg) into my everyday lifestyle — sometimes it’s a bit freaky. Once I was playing Grand Theft Auto 3 non-stop for about a week, and when I went out, I started seeing the cars that existed in the game on the roads. It was happening for a while and then it started to get weird, so that’s when I went cold turkey on video games. I just hope I don’t have to do the same with Digg … actually I doubt it. Just because I had a dream about it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. I’ll probably just continue to browse it as I normally would. However I have been known to be slightly psychic, or as Tickle.com calls it, “Precognition.” This one time, while reading The Simpsons and Philosophy, I had read an article discussing morality and what the different characters would do if they found a wallet on the street, and the next day at school what other am I to stumble across but a wallet in a trash can (for the record, it was a small garbage can, about a foot in height, and it (the wallet) was sitting on top of the pile of junk, which was rather shallow, just so you guys don’t think I’m some sort of garbage digger or something ;)). Upon seeing the wallet, my mind immediately flashed back to the Simpsons article and what each of the characters would have done. In the end I ended up doing the right thing and turning in the wallet to the main office, however I must confess that I did look to see how much money was in the wallet out of temptation. There was no cash, only a bunch of change. But even if there was, I don’t think I would have taken it. Would it have been tempting? Yes. But it’s also morally wrong. It would have put up quite a bit of a fight, but in the end justice prevailed).


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