Call For Help-A-Thon Dream

Call For Help – I recall Ep. 368

(which hasn’t been officially released as of yet)

About 34 minutes into it I was featured (or at least my name) on the show when Amber was demonstrating a cool XUL-based (however I think it was more AJAX-based judging from its appearance) app and I introduced Amber to it so that’s why my name showed up in the auto-complete for the text field. I think it might have been a sort of simple messaging service of something. It was probably more innovative than than otherwise I don’t think it would’ve been featured on the show.

The Show Intro

Very, if you’ve seen their random clips in between commercials. It was a giant bulletin board of cut-out photos of people (many who are prominent in the tech world – I do recall Michael Arrington), and some of the photo cut-outs, oddly enough, behaved like video (at a low frame rate, probably around 16fps, giving it a cool stop-frame effect), as if it were animate, and interacting with other animate and inanimate photos. This probably sounds like something out of Harry Potter with the living pictures and all, but I swear this idea was conceived last night in my dream.

That makes for 2 tech-related dreams in a row. What next, I wonder?


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