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Wow. I just had a really great meal. All vegan-friendly, too. Now time for my very own installment of Vegan Lunch Box.

Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo (I’ll have to remember that for next time). I’ve got a part-time job at agrocery store and lunch breaks are oftern boring and unexciting, often consisting of frozen meals :(. But today, I decided to try something different (it’s actually not that different since normally I’m a vegetarian but let’s continue..)

This meal is both apetite-satifying and easy on the wallet, and all you need to do is combine a few eas ingrdients to make a fantastic and delicious meal.

Cedar stuffed zucchini ($2.27) and PC Hummus ($1.27), with a side of mushrooms, sliced beets, and baby corn ($0.63, $0.97, and $0.93, respectively), served with Mr. Pita whole wheat pita bread ($0.99). I also bought an oil and vinegar coleslaw because I wanted something salad-like, but it seems that addition made my meal more than filling. So much, in fact, that I’ve got leftovers to take home with me tonight.

Verdict: Delicious! (Not to be confused with my favourite social bookmarking tool Now that was a meal fit for a king, and all under $7.” 5 Stars.



  1. miaka Said:

    i’m totally buying this lunch next time i have a lunch at work 🙂

    p.s. get an LJ account so you can read my crap!

  2. Gabriel Said:

    I got an LiveJournal Account (finally!). The interface & navigation is very busy; I don’t know how I’m going to be able to use it though.. it’s way too disorganized.

  3. […] As my Exploring Creativity course draws to a close, only a week remains. It’s been quite a journey, addressing issues such as veganism and newmindspace (which, by the way, I’ve still got to do a post about, as promised. It should probably be up by tomorrow at the latest.) […]

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