As my Exploring Creativity course draws to a close, only a week remains. It’s been quite a journey, addressing issues such as veganism and newmindspace (which, by the way, I’ve still got to do a post about, as promised. It should probably be up by tomorrow at the latest.)

I have come to the conclusion that even though the course is over, this blog doesn’t have to be. It just wouldn’t be fair to all my readers. Besides, I enjoy writing this blog too much to just suddenly abandon it, and I’m sure many of you enjoy reading it as well (even though parts of this blog have been a bit eccentric I must admit… but who doens’t enjoy a bit of eccentricity once in a while?).

So, the blog lives on. And it’ll be updated more frequently. I’m hoping at least 2-3 times per week. I’m also debating whether or not to combine this blog and my other blog into one, because, as you may have noticed, it’s getting a bit lonely on the other side :(. I figure, why not have a technology and a creative blog in one? It helps add more variety and a different perspective on things, and anyone who’s read my other blog knows that I don’t just pick a random topic out of the blue and blog about it; I only blog about a subject if it’s something worth discussing, and perhaps some alternative insight would be healthy (and of course, I don’t want to just desert my other readers as well, causing them to think that I may have vanished off the face of the Earth or something). What do you guys (and girls) think? Feel free to express your opinions in the comments.

So until next time, I’ll just have to continue multiblogging until I come up with a definite solution.



  1. miaka Said:

    Well, I personally found this blog a lot easier to read and more accessible in a sense. Maybe it was the font, the layout… not that the others are bad or anything. Maybe it was the topics that you talk about on this one… I enjoy the photo collections and this one.. and the newmediarts one is full of really interesting information too. Although I must say that it is definitely higher on the techy/technical side. Which is also great. But I just find that, for me, as a person who’s not as knowledgeable about some of that stuff, I find that I have to do some pre-reading for most of the posts in the newmediarts section. Which you generously provide links for; hence, no problem. This blog doesn’t usually require that kind of prep reading, I find.

  2. Gabriel Said:

    Well, as a 'techy' myself, I, like practically most other people, am inclined to "write what you know," so it sort of comes naturally. I can understand most people probably don't understand the great depth of detail I go through as thoroughly as I do, but essentially newmediarts is a techy blog, so I'd assume my readers would have a bit of tech knowledge, or at least be open to learn about it.

    Re: …inclined to "write what you know"

    Maybe I should "write what I don't know," as an experiment. That would be interesting…

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