Inspirational Advice

This morning I received a very inspiring piece of advice this morning from my dear friend Sacha Chua. However, I’d like to share the dialogue that led to this, just so there’s some context:

[…]there are things going on in Toronto that I know you’d just love to be at, even aside from all the
*camps. For instance, Mr. Doctorow himself will be at Bakka Books on February 1st to promote and sign copies of his latest short story anthology: Overclocked: Stories of the Future Present. I’ll be sure to get you a signed copy. Any particular message you’d want him to write to you? ๐Ÿ˜‰


What, “To Sacha: I’m sure we’ll meet someday.”

? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Well, if I remember correctly, Joey did promise you that he’d introduce you to Cory (and vise-versa) the next time he was in town last time when we recorded a podcast back in June (which never actually got around to getting launched yet; i’ve still got the files
sitting on my hard drive), this would be the next-best thing to that without having to wait for the next time he’s in Toronto. Of course, they deliver special signed copies, but that’s got an extra $10 added to the price tag and you’ve gotta do it before Feb 1 (i assume via email would be the best way to contact
them; i can’t find a link on their site). I think Quinn & Leigh will be there, too, & hopefully Joey (though he hasn’t replied to my email yet).


Oh, don’t worry, I can wait. =) After all, I don’t chase after celebrities as much as I chase after real conversations with real people. I’d prefer dinner (or lunch or coffee) with Cory more than signed first editions of all his books. =)


You’re right. I seem to be more of a ‘collector’ than a connector (like yourself, which is how it should be). I’ve got signed copies of books from authors (Tim Sanders’ for one), but there’s no real depth behind it and I after that we never see each other again; in retrospect it seems to be more of a trophy than anything else.

See, you can get away with inviting out renowned speakers for coffee or lunch because you’ve got your cuteness and charm (among other things) that make people want to be around you. I couldn’t pull off something like that, at least not in my current state.


Make a decision to get quality instead of quantity, and quantity will follow. =)


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