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Secret Worlds

xkcd 52

Today I decided to go back through the archives of one of my favourite webcomics, xkcd, and re-read everything. This was because:

  1. I had nothing better to do (which is actually untrue; I’ve actually got plenty of overdue work that needs completing, but I’ve been in a slump all week and haven’t been able to put forth the effort to completing them.
  2. I noticed today something that I never noticed before: each comic has a title attribute that holds an extra tidbit of information, and I wanted to find out what all those tidbits were. (My curiosity has always gotten the best of me.)

While browsing back, I happened to stumble upon this one, which really caught my attention. It features a quote by Neil Gaiman that really got to me:

“Everybody has a secret world inside of them. All of the people in the whole world—I mean everybody—No matter how boring they are on the outside, inside them they’ve got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid amazing worlds. Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe.”
––Neil Gaiman, Sandman

I love this quote so much mostly because I really believe it. At least for myself this is true. (Some worlds are darker than others.) I can only imagine what other people’s worlds are like. I’m fascinated by other people’s thoughts and ideas. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were able to delve into someone’s mind and explore their labyrinth of sort of like a Penseive? One can only dream…

I’ve requested a hold on The Sandman: Book of Dreams at the TPL so I can pick it up within the next two weeks. It seems like a really interesting book (at least judging by the excerpt ) and I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’ve still got a huge book backlog, but I hope to catch up on that after I’m set to graduate on the 17th.

Speaking of books, I’ve recently grown a new-found love for them. I used to make weekly (if not more often) trips to the library and had dozens of items on hold at a time (FYI: the maximum hold limit (and checkout limit, for that matter) is 50 items at any given time), but all that changed once I moved. There is a smaller, neighbourhood branch across the street from where I live now, but I rarely frequent that location as it doesn’t quite have the broad selection as other district branches do.

But recently I’ve been reconnecting with books (and actually going out and buying them even — gasp!), which has led me to appreciate them that much more. I’ve always cherished paper, despite how digital my life has become; I carry around a moleskine wherever I go so that I can jot down any notes or ideas I might have. I find that the tangibility of a notebook and pen just make it that much more real, especially in this digital age we live in these days, where it’d be unthinkable to live life without being plugged in to the Internet.


Creativity 100

Apologies for being absent all this time. Things have been rather hectic lately and I haven’t had the time I would’ve liked to do things like update this (or my other) blog as much as I’d like.

I had this bookmarked a while ago, but never thought to post this here until just now when I went to retrieve the link from (I suddenly forgot why I was looking for it to begin with).

Henriette Weber Andersen has compiled an excellent practical creativity manifesto that can “create some twisting and turning in your minds.” I love it.

One of my favourite from the list is a creative exercise:

78: draw 20 circles. Try to make each one into something in under 7 minutes (ie: pie, bicycle wheel, sewer grate, etc). repeat daily.

when I first tried this (I was really out of practice at the time), the first few were easy, but it became more difficult once I passed the twelfth. Then I realized, I didn’t have to constrain myself to only things shaped like a circle; I could build around the circle, too: after that I came up with several other concepts, each one more fun to draw than the last (a few examples of what I cam up with: a snowman, a lollipop, top-down view of a coffee cup, a camera with a big-honking macro lens (I wish I had one of those <drool>), a pair of stereo speakers (I sort of cheated a bit an counted that as two circles, one for each side, but don’t tell anyone—shh!), …you get the idea).

Maybe one of these days I’ll have to do up one of these…

(via michele)