So, as part of this Exploring Creativity course I’m taking, I am required to keep a creativity journal. This journal can be anything, from a composition book to a 3-ring binder to a pad of post-it notes. However I’ve decided to use a blog as my record of ideas and inspiration, mainly for two reasons: firstly, I’m almost always near a computer, which makes posting my thoughts easily accessible; and secondly, the internet is such a great medium. It’s so rich and free, and it in itself is a byproduct of creativity, so why not? From now on this weblog is a record of my thoughts as a Creativity Journal and Idea log. Here I will write down my thoughts and ideas of anything that comes to mind, so you’ll find anything from health matters to science to philosophy, and a whole lot of eclecticism and weirdness as well ;p.

{ Updated 2006-02-27 10:44 pm }


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  1. TransAlchemy Said:

    Here’s a new “Creativity Upgrade” brainwave enhancement video that we thought you might enjoy, considering this blog is about creativity:


    The direct link to the video is:

    Enjoy! Let me know if you have any feedback for improving this technology.

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