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Artist’s Block

I know this is very irresponsible of me, but this Artist’s Block has been really getting to me. I was supposed to submit my Major Creative Project prospasal in last week, but this stupid thing keeps taunting me so I can’t even think of something suitable to do. I mean, I wanna do something cool & creative instead of just a commercial site design that I’m working on for another course (we’re allowed to use work that we’re doing in another course for this assignment). And I also wanna do something pertinent to my field of interest (new media).

…Probably not a video piece; I don’t think I’d have the time for that. Perhaps a concept site? I this thing on (the Internet’s version of the Oscars) where they featured a flash site called WordCount, and has all the words in the English language, listed in the order that they’re most commonly used, and you can scroll through the list and see all the words that are there. That’s a social exploration of the English language and how important words are to ushowever, I fail to believe that words are the sole manner in which we are able to express ourselves. I mean, if you take away language, do you completely obliterate the ability to express your message & ideas clearly and accurately? Definitely not! I mean, take Maggie Simpson for example. In Episode 8F23, “Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?”, when Homer’s half-brother, Herb, invents a baby-translating device, he was able to interpret Maggie’s whimpers and noises into what she was trying to express. So you don’t really need words to think, they’re only common demominators that just make understanding each other easier. I mean, can we survive without any verbal language? After all, words are just 7% of communication.