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A bit of prose

Well, it’s been quite a while since I last blogged here (almost 8 months, but I feel like it’s time to get back to writing here again.

I got a bit carried away on Tuesday when a friend asked me (in an email) when my birthday was, and I ended up writing much for than was required. She was probably expecting something a bit more concise, like July 3rd, but instead got this. Here is the result:

It was a Last Quarter moon that early Friday morn, and the human loft apartment I had lived in for the past nine months had given me an eviction notice, effective immediately. It was clear my landlord wanted me out, but I wouldn’t go without a fight. I was able to resist for a good couple of hours, but once building security showed up, I knew I had to leave.

I was escorted out, leaving all of my possessions behind. They brought me to a new place, much larger and better lit than my previous residence, except this one was filled with colossal beings twenty times my size.

It seemed nice, but nothing could match the security and comfort of my old home. Little did they know that I had left a trail of organic rope leading back to my abode, but one of the officers seemed to had found it and took my end away, leaving me trapped in this new world. I suddenly felt light-headed, as if my supply of oxygen had been cut off.

I opened my mouth to yell at whoever had done this, but instead of yelling, I felt a surge of energy within me. I tried to yell again: another surge. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but it appeared to be solving my faintness problem. I continued this inhale-exhale process, as it seemed I had to do this as long as I remained in the new place, which from my judgment was going to be a long time.

These giants seemed ok, excluding their intimidating demeanor. One in particular seemed to take a liking to me, and she held me close to her in her gargantuan arms, while I looked around, taking in my new surroundings. And I spotted it, my “organic breadcrumb trail”, leading around and then under this giant’s gown. It dawned on me: this being, now cuddling me… I had been inside it these past nine months (or so I’m told; I can only remember 2 of them), and now, I was seeing the outside of it for the first time. It was…different. Not necessarily bad, but quite a change from what I was used to. And since there was likely no chance of going back, I’d have to make do living with this place with the being that had so much affection for me. If I couldn’t be back in my old home, I might as well stay as close to it as I could.

I originally wanted to stop after the first few lines or so, but it would have sounded incomplete otherwise.